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5G For ALL
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5G For ALL
Pioneering Collaborative Advancement in 5G Innovation
As 5G coverage improves, and more services rely on fast mobile data speeds, TCL has understood the necessity of making quality 5G products available to all their consumers. To guarantee that TCL’s '5G For ALL' initiative is achieved, TCL has developed a range of devices that brings affordable 5G to every area of consumers’ lives.

Since the launch of TCL 10 5G in June 2020, and the subsequent launch of the TCL 20 5G in January 2021, TCL has made 5G technology increasingly more accessible to end users. Now, TCL has managed to go even further in bringing great technology to the market, at a great price for all budgets, with the new TCL 20 R 5G.

TCL’s 5G For ALL vision extends beyond consumer devices, making accessible 5G available through work with carriers, having launched the new TCL LINKHUB 5G outdoor CPE. Designed to bring ultra-fast connectivity to consumers in more rural and suburban areas, as 5G makes smart homes and IoT solutions possible in areas with once poor internet access, it will change lives.

Our new ‘5G for All’ Initiative is a perfect demonstration of TCL’s commitment to enhance 5G connectivity and make it a reality for everyone,” said Stefan Streit, Chief Marketing Officer at TCL Communication. “We’ve been working on technologies that address every link in the 5G chain since 2015 when we first demonstrated a 5G end-to-end solution. Our goal is to deliver 5G For ALL so that each of us can enjoy the fastest connectivity.”

TCL’s 5G For ALL mission is realized with the TCL 20 R 5G, making a low-cost 5G option available to more users, all the while offering 5G products that meet the different needs of all consumers. TCL 20 R 5G is available via all major industry-leading mobile carriers across Europe, providing users the best chance to purchase a trusted 5G device at an affordable price.

Multi-Screen Collaboration
TCL’s Multi-Screen vision starts with whatever device you have on you. As an example, when you’re traveling for work, you walk to the train station and buy tickets using contactless payments on your phone, streaming music over 5G as you go. Once in your seat, hand-off from your TCL 20 Pro 5G to a cinematic wearable, the NXTWEAR G, as a portable big-screen experience transports you instantly while you rest and recharge.

As the closing credits roll, it’s time to switch out your glasses for a smart PC. With TCL Multi-Screen Collaboration, Windows 10 users can easily edit, share and control content on their smartphone from their laptop screen. With its 5G mobile network fired up, your phone can stay in your bag while your laptop has easy access to your files and photos, Android apps, a shared clipboard, and a host of other functionality.

On the last leg of your journey, it’s time to read a book. As you switch from your laptop to a TCL 10 TABMAX tablet, you continue a shared-screen experience, with your smartphone notifications appearing on your tab, so you can just focus on one display at a time.

Now that you’re finally to your hotel, work is done and it’s time to kick back and unwind with quick and easy cross-device casting to a TV. Watch high-resolution footage captured on your TCL 20 Pro 5G, enjoy your favorite binge-worthy shows, or simply create some ambience as you cast music to unwind to. Work across displays, minimize distractions and maximize experiences.

Multi-Screen Collaboration will be supported across a range of product lines, rolling out initially to TCL 20 Pro 5G smartphones through an over-the-air software update. For further details, please visit:

* Multi-Screen collaboration functionality will be rolled out through OTA software updates for devices that don’t launch with the feature. See TCL’s blog for up to date information.
Create, Experience, Inspire.
TCL focuses on providing technology that promotes our four pillars of development via visual enhancements, eye-care and protection, multi-form flexible displays, and multi-screen collaboration and interconnectivity.


As experts in vision tech we bring you Intelligent Display technology with personal entertainment devices powered by NXTVISION supporting seamless multi-screen interaction on multiform displays- letting you create, experience, inspire and display greatness every day.

Independent third-party test lab DXOMARK recently tested the TCL 20 Pro 5G and gave it a display rating of 89, driven by the advancements of NXTVISION. This positions the phone among the top mobile competitors, some costing more than twice as much.


From work life to school life, to our entertainment and relaxation, most people spend half of their waking hours looking at screens.

The TCL 20L+ and TCL 20L are the very first phones to come with TÜV Rheinland-certified Circular Polarization Display technology, which allows you to see your display perfectly, in natural colors, while wearing sunglasses on a hot summer day.

Other TCL devices also obtained TÜV-certification for their low blue light display technology to protect the eyes.


In terms of smartphone size, consumer preference leans towards devices that big as possible in their hands but as small as possible in their pockets.

TCL has taken up both the size and shape challenge with their first curved AMOLED display release in July 2020. In March 2020, TCL introduced a tri-fold tablet concept, spearheading an all-new product category for the very first time. At CES 2021, TCL CSOT announced the launch of two pioneering products, the 17-inch Printed OLED Scrolling Display and a 6.7-inch AMOLED Rollable Display, along with the first commercially available follow-up to Project Archery announced at IFA 2020, the TCL Wearable Display, a light and stylish pair of glasses that come with dual 1080p Full HD micro OLED displays built-in.

TCL continues to push innovation and continuously works on what we imagine the future will hold, thanks to our R&D and vertical integration. We´re working on many different form factors and we've questioned what user benefit would there be if we combined a folding display with a rolling display.

Introducing TCL's next-generation concept: Fold 'n Roll.

It's the size of a smartphone, or fold out a screen to turn it into a phablet and if you need a tablet you continue to roll out the screen.


TCL has already set its sights on opening doors to a whole new future by introducing a complete ecosystem of smart devices that help consumers live more connected lives. Multi-screen collaboration is a great example that shows TCL's dedication to stronger vertical integration, shifting towards a cohesive portfolio of consumer electronics devices that work seamlessly with one another.

To assist with the development of a multi-scenario usage application that covers business, audiovisual, entertainment, gaming, and more, the whole lineup of 20 Series, has been verified by Google™ as Android Enterprise Recommended devices. TCL joins a select group of notable companies with devices recommended by Google for business use. Android Enterprise Recommended establishes best practices and common requirements, backed by a rigorous testing process, conducted by Google. Every Android Enterprise Recommended device is verified against enterprise-grade requirements for performance, consistency, and security updates.

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Visual Enhancement
Eye Care Solutions
Multiform Flexible Display
Multiscreen Collaboration
TCL NXTVISION is a proprietary advanced display optimization and camera technology used on the TCL 10 and TCL 20 Series of TCL Mobile phones, so you can see your screen come to life with enriched color, clarity, and contrast enhancement as well as SDR to HDR conversion in real-time and have an elevated camera experience.

TCL's all-new NXTVISION 2.0 Intelligent Display technology powered by Pixelworks, is the second-generation proprietary tech which provides industry-leading color accuracy, and the improved AI visual enhancement recognizes on-screen content, scenes and automatically adjusts the color, contrast and sharpness for more accurate and adaptive calibration. NXTVISION also offers elevated levels of eye protection to reduce eye strain and blue light.
AMOLED Rollable Display
Re-defining Standards for Portable Devices
The portable 6.7-inch AMOLED Rollable Display re-defines the standard form of a smartphone. With a rollable AMOLED display, it can be extended from 6.7-inches to 7.8-inches with a simple tap of the finger, turning it from a smartphone into a tablet and creating an entirely new user experience with its easily adaptable user interface. The smartphone is less than 10mm thick, making it significantly thinner than the foldable smartphone.

Through the enhanced design of the smartphone's flexible screen, the curling and sliding radius of the flexible screen can be as small as R3mm, combined with the special sliding mechanism design. With the simple swipe of a button, the screen originally curled and hidden inside the case can be pulled out, therefore enabling the phone to stretch out and draw back. The sliding life of the device is up to 100,000 times. The software interface can be adapted accordingly for single-hand use or multi-tasking.
OLED Scrolling Display
Re-defining Standards for Portable Devices
The flexible 17-inch Printed OLED Scrolling Display, at just 0.18mm thick, is a unique example of a larger-scale flexible display technology. Highly scrollable and portable, it can easily fit in anywhere, just like a scroll painting.

Benefiting from TCL CSOT's cutting-edge ink jet printing technology, with a 100% color gamut, it significantly enhances the quality of the display. It can be widely applied across flexible TVs, curved and foldable displays, and transparent commercial displays.

Its OLED RGB self-luminous devices are manufactured with high-precision ink jet printing technology, without the need for fine metal masks. As a result, the cost is 20% lower than traditional display technologies and is more applicable for large-size displays and mass production.