Smart Washing
24/7 control anywhere
TCL's latest smart washing machines, the X10, integrate smart home connectivity through the TCL Home App. With Wi-Fi control, washing cycles are fully customizable including cycle volume and duration. The users will find multiple washing programs with full coverage of types of laundry items.

The TCL X10 washing machine can also help them sort washing with its front loader and top loader. This allows users to wash baby clothes or small items in the top unit and adult clothes or larger clothes in the bottom unit, for cleaner and more hygienic washing. Equipped with a DD motor, both units can either run separately or at the same time.

Eventually, WiFi connectivity means the TCL X10 can be managed remotely via the TCL Home App – for ultra-convenient, 24/7 control anywhere.

* Product appearance, functionalities and availability may differ between countries/regions.