TCL Attends Milan Design Week 2023 with Latest Vision and Technology
Via Tortona 14 in Milan
TCL participates in the well-known Milan Design Week 2023 at Fuorisalone for the first time, from April 17 to April 23, to present its exclusive “ELEMENTS – TCL Green Horizon” exhibition. The venue will be located in Via Tortona 14, in Tortona Design Weelk.

In line with its brand signature, “Inspire Greatness”, TCL illustrates its vision to create technology for a better future that inspires greatness that brings people together, with outstanding industrial and aesthetic design, intuitive user experience, and sustainable manufacturing. Through an immersive journey to discover the four elements of nature, the exhibition will remind visitors how nature has always been and still is the most significant source of inspiration, creativity, and innovation.
Visitors will live an immersion through sustainable artwork, interactive experiences, and innovative products to imagine a horizon, a near future where nature and technology cohabit harmoniously.
We are excited and proud to attend Fuorisalone during Milan Design Week for the first time. This exclusive exhibition illustrates our design-centric philosophy and our commitment to serve our consumers and support efforts for a more sustainable industry.
Frédéric Langin
Chief Commercial Officer at TCL Europe
During the Milan Design Week, visitors will also get to view the brand-new 2023 TCL Europe product range, including new Mini LED and QLED Smart TVs, Domestic appliances, and new concept devices.

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