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TCL Design Innovation Center

TCL Design Innovation Center
TCL Design Innovation Center (DIC) is responsible for identifying new socio-culture and lifestyle trends and translating findings into the company's overall design strategy. DIC promotes the unification and standardization of design styles and design language for TCL’s smart ecosystem of products. Professional design experts in product, engineering design, user experience, and visual communication, plus diverse backgrounds in business strategy and consumer insights, form the DIC team.

DIC accelerates TCL’s diversified product portfolio with award-winning design driven by a deep understanding of consumer insights. A multidisciplinary group of designers shares a singular mission to conceptualize outstanding industrial design, intuitive user experience & best aesthetic visual design for all our users, and demonstrate TCL’s brand spirit of INSPIRE GREATNESS.

Milan Design Week
ELEMENTS – TCL Green Horizon
Our design language connects technology with humanity, intelligence, emotion, art, and nature. This is why we bring design to the forefront as we aim to raise awareness for a greener future.

For the very first time, TCL will participate to famous Milan Design Week, from April 17th to April 23rd, to present its “ELEMENTS – TCL Green Horizon” exhibition. In line with its mission “Inspire Greatness”, the brand will illustrate its vision to create technology for a better future that inspires greatness and that brings people together, with outstanding industrial and aesthetic design, intuitive user experience, and sustainable manufacturing.

Through an immersive journey to discover the four elements of nature (earth, water, air, fire), the exhibition will remind visitors how Nature has always been and still is the greatest source of inspiration, creativity, and innovation. An immersion through sustainable artwork, interactive experiences, and innovative products, to imagine a horizon, a near future where nature and technology cohabit harmoniously.
Innovating for a Sustainable Future
Interview with Tiago Abreu, Home Eco X-Lab at TCL Design Innovation Center (DIC)
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