TCL reinforces its green commitments
with the launch of #TCLGreen global initiative

#TCLGreen is a global initiative by TCL to Inspire Greatness and support efforts to create a greener planet for all. This tagline applies globally to help amplify the significance of sustainability efforts to local and global communities.

TCL is committed to the search for more responsible solutions by integrating the #TCLGreen concept into all aspects of its business and putting the consumers in the heart of our strategy. Through concrete commitments and its integrated vertical model, TCL aims to reduce its environmental impact and promote greener manufacturing.
Our commitments
At TCL, we don’t just deliver endless entertainment and smart home appliances. Our commitment extends well beyond.

Today, making the earth a better place to live through responsible environmental stewardship is of critical importance. That’s why we are taking comprehensive steps in every area of our operations, to ensure a sustainable future. We are committed to the search for more responsible solutions, and for even more reliable and sustainable products, by allocating dedicated resources to research and development.

TCL products meet or exceed environmental regulations. We create energy-efficient products that promote much-needed energy sobriety in these times and help consumers save energy.

Moreover we continue to enhance oversight of the manufacturing process to remove hazardous substances, keep conflict minerals out of our supply chain, advocate green packaging and increase the volume and quality of our electronics recycling programs.

As highlighted in the TCL Technology ESG Report 2022, TCL Technology has invested a total of 1.04 billion USD in environmental protection. TCL Technology saved 229.53 million tons of water, and the amount of recycled water resources has reached 54.64 million tons. In addition, the amount of recycled waste is 81,865 tons.
TCL Technology:
  • 229.53
    million tons

    of saved water
  • 54.64
    million tons

    of recycled water resources
    during the year
  • 81,865

    of recycled waste
TCL wants to make its environmental commitments and actions more central to its strategy, so that it can play a truly useful and effective role in preserving the planet. In order to reinforce and pursue our commitment to the preservation of the planet, we have fixed objectives for the manufacture of our products by 2025:
TCL's commitments by 2025
  • 18% Less Green House Gas Emission
  • 27% Less Water Consumption
  • 13% Less Power Consumption
  • 70% Less Natural Gas Consumption
  • 10% Less EPS Consumption

TCL for green energy
Investment in the photovoltaics sector to produce cleaner and greener energy
At TCL, we are invested in the photovoltaics sector to produce cleaner and greener energy to help reduce greenhouse emissions.

The global photovoltaic market continues to improve, with an intensified competition in the silicon wafer industry worldwide, but it is estimated that TCL's installation capacity will reach 225GW in 2022 and its product strength and operational strength will become some key differentiators in the market.

TCL’s photovoltaic materials are already exported to more than 60 countries and regions, including Europe, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries.

TCL first released proprietary G12 monocrystalline silicon wafers, a technology which has the advantages of high power, high efficiency, high reliability, etc., which effectively reduces LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) and facilitates clean energy.

In the future, TCL will adopt a global strategy to focus on large-scale solar plants and the DG (distributed generator) market. The company will continue to strengthen its own advantages, continue to increase the scale of production, reduce investment in unit equipment, and improve efficiency through technological innovation.

TCL for green packaging
Taking the environmental dimension of our packaging a step further

As a leading industrial and electronics global company, TCL is committed to the search for more responsible solutions, and for even more reliable and sustainable products or manufacturing, by allocating dedicated resources and putting the consumers in the heart of its strategy.

TCL is perpetually refining its packaging, a significant source of waste, by replacing EPS packaging with lightweight, renewable and non-toxic alternatives such as air column and Kraft paper. And by reducing the packages’ size and weight, they help to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions generated from transportation. Lastly, using simpler, less colourful package designs, as well as water-based and soybean oil-based inks, lower the use of harsh printing chemicals.

TCL Eco-Rating
Promoting a circular economy that closes the loop
In Europe, TCL is a supporting mobile brand of the pan-industry Eco Rating labelling scheme, a stringent eco-rating evaluation system that covers user requirements, expectations, and regulations, from the sourcing of raw and packaging materials, manufacturing, and the recyclability of these elements, to promote a circular economy that closes the loop.

TCL EcoVadis
One of the world's most trusted business sustainability ratings services

For the past decade, TCL Communication has been assessed by one of the world's most trusted business sustainability rating services, EcoVadis. These rating endeavours to cover a broad range of non-financial management systems, including Environmental, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement impacts.

In 2022, the company received its 6th consecutive medal, another move in the right direction for TCL's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagement and policy, with TCL ranking 72% higher than other Ecovadis evaluated companies.

While maintaining its market-leading position, TCL incorporates a high level of innovation with excellent value for money. Thanks to its vertical integration, TCL implements responsible logistics and environmental design for its products, helping its customers to develop a sustainable lifestyle.

Democratizing innovation is our number one priority, bringing incredible devices at affordable prices. But we can't achieve those goals at the cost of the environment. We remain committed to improving our score every year and look forward to taking every step to strengthen our impact on the planet.