TCL Innovation
TCL Concept Devices
TCL Telly Table is a beautifully crafted concept device and interactive lifestyle table designed to nourish human connections. It uses a unique UI to attract attention to social activities such as games and allows easy sharing of digital content, enabling people to participate in the same activity. Telly table adapts comfortably to each use case with a versatile atmosphere and screen positioning. It is made of durable, low-impact materials and encourages shared experiences to gather people together.

Inspired by a contemporary art style, the TCL Ultrathin Mesh Router blends the finest technology of WiFi home networks with art and interior design.

With a high-gloss transparent art frame, the router attaches to the frame with magnets, and you can easily insert and replace photos
on the desktop base or wall mount for maximum customization.

The TCL Dune TV, with its versatile display and harmonious design, features a 32” flexible, rotatable, and detachable LCD touchscreen, opening up new possibilities for entertainment.

TCL Art TV easily transforms an immersive sound experience into diverse sound set-ups.

By detaching its wireless Atmos speakers and placing them by the sofa we can achieve a true surround sound.

For a quick visit to the kitchen while watching that Copa America game, portable speaker can be carried around to ensure you not miss any live content again.

While enjoying your content and not disturb the company of others, private mode mutes the soundbar and sound is listened just from the detachable speaker placed asides wherever you are.