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5th generation of TCL Mini LED technology
The best of Mini LED technology
First and foremost, when it comes to picture quality, nothing is more important than the composition of screen itself. Since 2018, TCL has been a pioneer in Mini LED industry and has dedicated considerably in this technology. Today, it sets a benchmark for the industry and is the essential display technology behind the best home theater experience.

Realizing the potential of Mini LED technology, in 2019, TCL launched the world’s first Mini LED TV to achieve mass production. TCL’s consumers responded to the advantages of Mini LED technology thanks to the increase in local dimming zones (producing greater brightness levels than ever before) for better contrast, color and clarity and overall enhanced picture quality.

As a relatively new display technology, the greatest value that Mini LED brings to users lies in its ability to pack spectacular image quality in an ultra-thin screen. TCL established its very own Mini LED & Optical Technology Development Department in 2020, with the sole objective of overcoming this challenge by producing the highest number of backlight LED zones in the industry. After nearly a year of in-depth research, TCL launched the world's first TCL OD Zero Mini LED TV in 2021, with a thickness of just 9.9mm and 1920 dimming zones, offering exceptional picture quality compared to OLED offerings. Utilizing its high efficiency, wide luminous angle Mini LEDs, TCL has been able to achieve a peak brightness of HDR 2000 nits, ensuring a crystal-clear display, even in broad daylight.

As a brand, TCL is also on a mission to make premium technology accessible to everyone. Once TCL’s leading R&D team invented quality Mini LED screens, they set about finding practical ways to produce these at scale. The traditionally high cost of Mini LED products is in part due to the increased number of LEDs required. TCL’s research team devised a process to significantly reduce the cost of LED itself, without impacting the uniformity of the overall display.

And to top it off, as well as resulting in a better viewing experience, Mini LED is better for our planet. Not only can the Mini LED’s themselves be manufactured to be more energy efficient - thanks to their ability to dim specific areas, less energy is required than other backlight technologies to produce the same level of brightness.
A superior entertainment with 5th generation of TCL Mini LED technology
In 2023, TCL expands its portfolio with its new generation of TCL Mini LED technology and more choices, including its largest Mini LED TVs ever, new picture performance technologies and advanced gaming features.

TCL Mini LED 5th generation offers an even better visual experience to users with high and precise contrast, less blooming, high brightness, and a better uniformity, thanks again to major improvements:

• 16bit Ultra-precise Light Control to offer richer colours and more details.
• Round Halo Mini LED to produce less blooming and less jag, and to eliminate halo of white objects on pure black background.
TCL Mini LED Direct Drive to allow fast moving objects being clearer and sharper on the screen.
• Thousands of Mini LEDs with One Uniform Quality to display a single-color and uniform image on screen.
• Mini-LED backlight Demura to allow a uniform light control (with no spotlight, no gray patch, no dirty light). This makes the picture more uniform when the TVs display a single color, especially when watching football games.