TCL Innovation
New AiPQ Processor 3.0
A new customized processor to provide even greater picture quality and viewing experience
Superior picture quality isn’t just a result of the hardware elements that TV sets are composed of. TCL introduces its AiPQ processor 3.0.: this TCL customized processor is an high-performance processing unit that leverages the power of machine learning to provide even greater picture quality enhancements when combined with Mini LED and QLED technologies.

There are 5 ground-breaking Ai-Picture-Quality algorithms which enhance the viewing experience:
  • 1
    applying lifelike light and dark effects to reveal the depth of any given image.
  • 2
    which perceives the world as the human eye would – with automatic color space recognition, and color rendering for a more immersive viewing experience.
  • 3
    which detects the picture’s brightness dimensions and automatically selects the prime combination of clarity enhancement and noise reduction in order to produce the sharpest, clear-cut images.
  • 4
    discerning fast-moving objects, automatically calculating motion in terms of refresh rate and the number of frames to portray buttery smooth visuals.
  • 5
    Ai HDR
    which decodes multiple HDR formats seamlessly, ensuring all you see on screen is content, as the director or developer intended.