New Range of CPEs
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Delivering highly-capable, seamless connections
TCL is expanding its CPE portfolio with the launch of a 5G router and two 4G solutions, showcasing TCL’s mission to help make a truly connected world for all.

With the LINKHUB 5G CPE HH515, TCL launches a powerful 5G router which delivers advanced Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. First announced at CES 2022, it’s capable of carrying up to 256 users and supports cloud-based gaming, high-quality live streaming, online education and working from home.

LINKZONE LTE CAT6 Mobile Wi-Fi MW63 is a personal mobile Wi-Fi which offers high-speed connectivity in a lightweight, pocket-sized design. LINKHUB LTE CAT6 Home Station HH63 comes in a simple and elegant design, with dual-band Wi-Fi providing fast 4G download speeds of up to 300Mbps. This means the whole household can enjoy videos, online gaming, and education while working from home. Both products are eSIM compatible.

The LINKHUB 5G CPE HH515 will be available in Q1 in Europe. LINKZONE LTE CAT6 Mobile Wi-Fi MW63 and LINKHUB LTE CAT6 Home Station HH63 will launch in Europe in Q2.

TCL will also launch a new LINKZONE 5G Mobile Wi-Fi MW513, supporting Sub-6GHz + mmWave, making it even easier for consumers to connect to ultra-fast 5G Wi-Fi on the go.

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